(2) The EU is not a democracy. It is a tyranny

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The EU is undemocratic. It has no intention of ever being democratic.

The aim of the EU is to create a totalitarian su13179102_10209106477436966_1934993176396830483_nperstate. This is clear from its behaviour, the way it has been set up, and by statements made by its proponents at various times. Indeed, the idea of democracy and national sovereignty are anathema to the EU.


EU true nature: will not stop until nations are abolished

EU Vows To Block All Elected ‘Far Right’ Populists From Power

Euro-court outlaws criticism of EU

EU blasted for ‘Orwellian’ crackdown on online criticism

Prime Ministers listen too much to voters, complains EU’s Juncker




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The European Union is a Fascist Power – Gerard Batten, MEP:-

(1) Sovereignty is paramount

(3) The EU is a stage in the New World Order agenda