(3) The EU is a stage in the New World Order agenda

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It is not just the present generation which will lose by staying in the EU. It is all future generations. If those future generations become aware of what has happened, they will be shocked by the stupidity, the spinelessness, and the treason of those who voted to stay in the EU.

If you think our sovereignty has been eroded or violated, as it has been of course, then it would be fair to say, ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’. The people behind the EU want to bring about a totalitarian regime in a European superstate. They are doing this gradually by stealth.

13177371_734966256606190_3396654166870918394_nThe New World Order is a plan which has been pushed forward for decades, even centuries, surreptitiously. The New World Order is a plan to create a one-world government, one-world religion, cashless society, Radio Frequency Identifying Document (RFID) chips implanted in everybody, total control of individuals, and depopulation. The ultimate aim is world-wide totalitarianism. The means used to achieve this aim is the Fabian method of ‘Problem, Reaction, Solution’. That is, to create a problem such as a false flag terrorist attack, then to use the reaction of fear among the population as a pretext for the introduction of greater controls, more intrusion, more draconian laws, and, of course, more power for the state. Aaron Russo was a whistle-blower who exposed the New World Order plan in the interview given below.

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