(6) Project Fear

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We were better off before joining the EU (formerly the ‘Common Market’) and we will be better off if we leave.

I was alive when we joined the EU (then called the ‘Common Market’). Things were much better before we joined. We had low stable food prices, low inflation, full employment, and free university education with living allowance provided by the Government. Life was more stable and there was a sense of security, peace, well-being and freedom.

Within weeks of joining, food prices went up dramatically and they kept going up for years after. The word ‘inflation’ became well-known and familiar, whereas before it had hardly ever been mentioned by everyday people.

The proponents of UK membership of EU, most notably David Cameron and George Osborne, are telling endless and shameless lies to scare the voter regarding what would happen if we left the EU. This is ‘Project Fear’ and it seems to be never-ending. Norway had the same when she had a referendum and voted to leave. None of the scare-mongering lies materialized.

We should have trust in our abilities as a nation to trade and make our way in the world as we did superlatively well before our entry into the infernal and doomed project which called the EU.





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