(8) We will be better off outside EU

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Stronger in Europe?

Some in the Remain camp say  that Britain is stronger in Europe. First, we should distinguish between the EU and Europe. We are part of Europe.

(1) The European Union is not the same as Europe.

(2) A prisoner is not stronger for being in prison. The member states of the EU are imprisoned with the bureaucrats in Brussels as their jailers and overlords. It is better to be free and independent than to be a prisoner. A free nation can make decisions that will be in her best interests. Any semblance of strength that comes from being a prisoner is an illusion.

I am 68 years young and I saw what it was like before we joined the EU, then called the common market. Things were much much better before joining. Within weeks of joining we saw food prices rise dramatically and they kept on rising. We had VAT imposed because the EU insisted on it. Before joining we had full employment, strong manufacturing industry, free university educaion with living allowance given by the government. Harold Macmillan said in 1957 that ‘we never had it so good.’ That was true, I think. But once we joined the EU the rot set in very quickly.

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