(9) A selection of brexit presentations and articles

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You must Vote to leave the EU or wake up with the worst hangover in history


Brexit: The Movie (full film):-

The Real Face of the European Union:-

What BBC won’t tell you about Brexit: Decline of Britain since 1973 EEC Tony Gosling. Why leave EU?:-

The Case For Brexit Part 1: For Freedom & Democracy:-

Enoch Powell: From Nation to Province 1/3:-

Enoch Powell on the European Union (1 of 3):-

Michael Foot & Enoch Powell — 10-06-1973:-

Tony Benn videos for leaving EU :-

Ashley Mote MEP ‘We Want our Country Back’ UK & EU:-

Remote Control: How the EU controls your lives:-

The EU belongs to the past – Daniel Hannan:-

Britain deserves better than the EU – Daniel Hannan:-

The EU Treaties that are Devastating the UK –  A Simple Guide:-

(8) We will be better off outside EU

(10) Animals would be better off outside EU