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If tiny Guernsey thrives outside the EU, why can’t we, asks Dan Hannan


Edward Fox urges Britons to leave the EU: ‘Sovereign power is absolute’


EU wants to merge uk with france


You must Vote to leave the EU or wake up with the worst hangover in history


David Cameron ADMITS Brussels BLOCKED bid to rescue UK steel


Outrage as Europe fines UK £642m for poor accounting


We will all be like Greece if the EU gets its way


Merkel orders Cameron to support plans for EU ARMY in exchange for EU negotiation talks


EU was HITLER’S idea & it proves Germany WON 2nd World War, claims new book


10 Myths about brexit


Jean-Claude Juncker calls for EU army


The Five Presidents Report and the next EU Treaty


110 bosses say City will thrive outside EU


There is no safety inside the arrogant, imperial, and dangerously unstable EU


3. Mark your ballot paper according to the instructions. A pencil will be provided for you to do this, but you may use your own pen if you prefer.


Germany to push for progress towards European army

EU blasted for ‘Orwellian’ crackdown on online criticism

FaceBook post From a lovely Southern Ireland Lady

Damning letter from Lord Kilmuir, the Lord Chancellor to Edward Heath

The European Union: A Failed Experiment


EU Vows To Block All Elected ‘Far Right’ Populists From Power


Juncker’s programme to demolish Britain – The Commentator


Mark Carney has proved that staying in the EU is the risky choice


Euro-court outlaws criticism of EU


Brexit Warnings Wrong On Trade: Think-Tank


JACOB REES-MOGG: EU superstate laws strip Britain of its Magna Carta rights


Do you want sovereignty back? Then vote to leave the EU


Collapse of European Union: Return to National Sovereignty & to Happy Europeans?


EU plots tax on British…to fund benefits for jobless in ITALY


Betrayed by the EU


EU admits plot for FEDERAL superstate


NORMAN TEBBIT: Gov’t is doing everything in its power to rig EU Referendum


Brexit could save ‘THOUSANDS of animals’ from halal slaughterhouses abroad


Brussels founder: EU was designed to be United States of Europe interview


Establishment Report Finds Brexit Will Drastically Slash Immigration


The EU was HITLER’S idea and it proves Germany WON the Second World War


Gang of Eight out in favour of Brexit


Sir Bernard Ingham: EU is corrupt, useless and riddled with fraud


Trump Says Britain Is Better Off Outside EU




Obama’s ‘Trade’ Deals Are Designed to End Democracy


European leaders admit EU ARMY developing ‘much faster than people believe’


Economists argue UK better off out as they launch Brexit campaign


Priti Patel: Let’s take back control of how our taxes are spent


The EU exists only to become a superstate. Britain has no place in it


EU may fine countries for rejecting refugees


Brexit ‘Could Boost Britain’s Military Standing’


Ex-Australian PM: Get out of EU, you have LOST your sovereignty


EU a friendly residents association or a protection racket?


Sir Michael Caine lashes out at ‘faceless civil servants’ dictating to Britain


UK Better Off Outside EU, Economists Say


Phil Ackermann: Brexit should be called ‘The Great Escape’


Save British justice




EU Court ‘Going Easy On UK’ In Run Up To Referendum


100 leading City names sign letter backing Brexit




UK Pay £650 MILLION in Fines to The EU for “Misspending” Our Own Money!


Eurozone is ‘flying with one engine’ Disaster looms for EU


EU has HELD BRITAIN BACK , membership doesn’t help us at all


UK voters told they ‘risk losing their country’ to migration


Vote for Brexit or life could get worse for British families, warns MP


A Brexit would make Britons $30,000 better off, says report


EU referendum: These economists say the EU is ‘evil’


Brussels time bomb: EU burying power-grab laws until AFTER referendum


10,000s rally against Trans-Atlantic trade deal ahead of Obama visit


EU has HELD BRITAIN BACK , membership doesn’t help us at all


EU plots tax on British…to fund benefits for jobless in ITALY


Prime Ministers listen too much to voters, complains EU’s Juncker


Brexit myths debunked: Why leaving could be good for GDP


EU in stealth plan to set up ARMY by merging German and Dutch forces


What is TTIP?


EU plots ‘scandalous’ military merger if UK votes to stay in


I used to love the EU. Now I want Britain to Leave


EU is a ticking time bomb’ Britain faces economic MELTDOWN if we remain


Armed Forces minister: ‘Europe is ‘sleepwalking towards civil unrest’


David Cameron ADMITS Brussels BLOCKED bid to rescue UK steel


EU is just a ‘test run for a GLOBAL Government’


It’s your choice – the EU or NHS: Vote Brexit or we’ll LOSE health service, warns top doc


UK Govt’s Official Report Into ‘Toxic’ TTIP Concluded: ‘Bad For Britain’


Three in four EU workers will be kicked out in Brexit


E.U. to Fine Nations $300,000 for Every Refugee They Reject


Defence Minister says we must quit the EU to protect our ‘freedom’


Cameron sets the UK on course for another war, without public consent


Plans have been drawn up for a full-blown United States of Europe


Christine Lagarde is wrong: Here are four economic positives from Brexit


The truth about Brexit, & what it will cost Britain to stay


Dan Hannan: The £9m pro-EU leaflet says just one thing: we’re panicking


EU referendum: More than 300 business leaders back a Brexit


FB comment: Camerons tells a truth!!!!


Vernon Coleman: How British Media Lied & Tricked Us Into Joining The EU


Treasury BLASTED by top economist for ‘flawed’ Brexit report


Real Risk to European Peace of Mind is the EU – Let’s Brexit


Petitiion: vote leave: Invite Nigel Farage to join Vote Leave events


The EU’s Kiss of Death


United States of Europe!


100 leading City names sign letter backing Brexit


Rail union urges members to vote to LEAVE Europe in EU referendum


Weekly shop will FALL by £40 under Brexit, finds top economist


Former MI6 spy chief says Brexit could make Britain safer


The EU’s Betrayal of Britain’s Fishing Industry


Michael Howard tears apart idea that being in the EU makes Britain safer


If the arch-Europhile Lord Owen wants out of EU, it should make us think


Our Democracy is Not for Sale to the EU


It is an EU army that could bring about war


Roger Arthur FaceBook post for brexit


Nigel Farage FaceBook post


Jean-Claude Juncker profile: ‘When it becomes serious, you have to lie’


Britons told to back leaving EU ‘if you believe in democracy’


Michael Gove: Brexit WILL make Britain safer, don’t believe Project Fear


Brussels ‘Your vote means NOTHING’


Brussels plot to impose Euro law after EU referendum: threat to our freedom


Chris Grayling: If we want our INDEPENDENCE then Britain MUST leave EU


Stick it to the EU: The crusade for freedom begins today


Lord Lawson: ‘We DON’T want IN United States of Europe’


Free Trade Is Easier Outside Of The European Union


Our entry into EU other than through straight Trade Agreement was illegal


EU may fine countries for rejecting refugees


Workers would be better off by £40 a week after Brexit, say economists


Terrifying Brussels plot to replace OUR police and judges with Euro stooges


What is TTIP? And six reasons why the answer should scare you


John Hilary: You need to hear what the EU official in charge of TTIP has told me


Five Presidents Report & next EU Treaty


Cut ties with Brussels or risk being trapped in Turkish-dominated EU


Swiss Parliament Withdraws Bid to Join EU


EU Plan To Abolish British Army If UK Vote To Stay In Europe


PROOF the IMF’s scaremongering about Brexit and the economy is WRONG


EU wants control of YOUR pension: Brussels’ secret plan REVEALED


Deanne Santini: Why I am voting to leave EU (how we have been betrayed) Face Book


Finnish parliament discusses ‘reviving economy’ by ditching euro


Former Italy PM warns bloc DISINTEGRATING




EU plan to control OUR forces


EU master plan to encourage MORE economic migration


ENRICO TORTOLANO: As a trade unionist, this is why Britain must vote to Leave


How a secretive elite created EU to build world government


German plot to keep EU army a SECRET till June 23


EU true nature: will not stop until nations are abolished


Employment Minister: Brexit Would Lead to 60,000 New Jobs


After 40 years of being lied to, it’s time to leave the EU


Ex-Australian PM: Get out of EU, you have LOST your sovereignty


German Minister drops gaffe which shows why we need a Brexit


Brexit fans rejoice as Dutch vote humiliates union




EU was designed to be United States of Europe


Nigel Farage slams PM for ‘utter surrender’ to EU dictatorship


Brussels chief warns EU will punish Britain if we vote to leave


France declares ‘state of economic emergency’, Germany faces financial ruin


Terrifying Brussels plot to replace OUR police and judges with Euro stooges


We want our country back’ Farage rallies troops ahead of ‘Independence Day’ Brexit vote


France warns of imminent EU collapse


British ‘deserters’ will face the consequences, warns EU’s Juncker


Plans drawn up for European superstate


Leak from Brussels reveals NHS will be ‘KILLED OFF’ if Britain remains in EU


How our politicians have lied about true purpose of the European behemoth


YOU pay benefits for EU’s jobless: Yet another crazy plan from Brussels


EU military police carry out ‘extremely WORRYING’ civil unrest training


European jobless graph shows why Britain must LEAVE unemployment-ravaged EU


After 2020, all EU members will have to adopt the euro


Greece set to default AGAIN, Italy panics over £270BN of bad loans


5 Presidents Report (pdf file)


We want a United States of Europe says top EU official


Richard Tice: The City on Brexit


UK will be powerless in face of ‘United States of Europe’ without Brexit


How the UK economy will THRIVE outside EU – and we’ll earn MORE


Economists for Brexit (with link to 45 page pampthlet)


Dutch people plan SECOND referendum on hated trade deal


We must leave the EU


Why trade unionists must vote to Leave


43 years of broken EU promises (summary)


GAGGED: Brussels tells Dutch MPs they CAN’T debate referendum


Swiss Parliament Withdraws Bid to Join EU


Leave EU and we’ll make your lives a misery: Juncker’s warning to Britain


‘EU treaties keep food prices artificially high’


Cameron’s former strategy guru says Britain is ‘UNGOVERNABLE’ in the EU & calls for Brexit


Brexit Britain: ‘Foreign boats catch fish in our waters and then ship it back to us’


We’ll thrive out of the EU, says Lloyds bank chief




Marine Le Pen: ‘EU is in process of collapsing on itself’


Why leaving the EU could actually be to our economic advantage